Dev Pricing

Includes development of one roll, quick scan, and file transfer

film typeU$D
color 35mm$8
color 120$12
color 4x5 sheet$10
bnw 35mm$7
bnw 120$11
bnw 4x5 sheet$9
slide 35mm$12
slide 120$20
slide 4x5 sheet$15

Does not include shipping if you want your negs back. Not all do.

I do not claim to be a professional photographic lab. This is an attempt to help some younger artists with the high cost of entry to analog film processes. I own/operate all the necessary equipment to achieve most of what a professional photographic lab does by myself in my spare room. My end product is usually quite useable, though there are at times some streaks or blemishes on the image.

If you'd like my help, please inquire here for a quote: Or drop me a line on instagram.

To see examples of work developed this way, please check out my sites linked below!